Foot Orthotics for an abductory twist

Firstly an abductory twist is a clinical observation and not a diagnosis that necessarily needs to be treated. An abductory twist is that sudden and rapid small amount of abduction that happens with the heel just as the heel comes of the ground or unweights. It probably has no clinical significance and just indicates an underlying pathomechanical entity. The cause of the abductory twist could be one of several possible reasons. It could be due to “overpronation” or a compensation for a functional hallux limitus.

Foot orthotics for an abductory twist would need to address the underlying pathomechanical entity and contains design features to deal with that. That would be design features to correct the “overpronation” and/or functional hallux limitus.

It is important that an abductory twist is not confused with a medial heel whip. I think they are different entities. The management of a medial heel whip is generally one of gait retraining and proximal exercises.

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